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How it Works

A simple solution to a snoring problem

SnoreMeds™ anti snoring mouthpiece works as a splint by positioning and holding the lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. As a result the throat is kept open, allowing air to easily flow unobstructed through the breathing passage. You sleep better, breathe more freely and stop snoring.

Try this simple snoring test for yourself:

  1. Move your lower jaw forward, try and snore.
  2. Notice how this lower jaw forward movement opens your airway.
  3. Now you can see for yourself that if your lower jaw is held forward, this automatically opens the airway and prevents you from snoring.

Diagram of mouth and throat tissue when snoring

Do snoring mouthpieces really work?

does the snoring mouthpiece work?

  • Snoring mouthpieces have been around for more than a decade
  • They are a recommended snoring solution by dentists and doctors
  • They are moldable to provide a custom and individualized fit to a user's teeth
  • They target the main cause of snoring which is a partial blockage of the airway.

What are SnoreMeds customers saying?


-  Absolutely Brilliant -

"Thanks for helping both hubby and I sleep better. Amazing and such a good price. Will tell our mates and be back to buy more in the future."

Sarah W - New Zealand 🇳🇿


Highly recommended. -

"I have snored for years, to the point it effected relationships and quality of sleep. I have been using the anti snoring mouthguard for over a month. My partner says I am no longer snoring and I am no longer waking up during the night. "

Barry Crosbie - New Zealand 🇳🇿


- Love This Product -

"I notice a huge difference to my sleep when I wear this verses without, I feel way more rested. This has been the most effective solution to my snoring, and would not go a night without it anymore."

Jane P - Australia 🇦🇺

How to mold an anti-snoring mouthpiece

Fitment instructions cannot get easier. A step by step visual story on how to mold the anti-snoring mouthpiece successfully the first time.