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Photo of SnoreMeds double pack for women. Shows pack, which contains two mouthpieces, two spatulas, anti-bacterial container and moulding instructions. Purchase online at
Women waking after restful nights sleep. SnoreMeds affords people a great nights sleep. It all about sleep... its all about Health... its all about Relationships... Photo includes SnoreMeds packs - Men's & Women's.
Women lying in bed in a pensive mood, wearing a sleep mask. Contemplating her poor sleep routine, due to her partners snoring.
Couple cuddling in bed, after a restful nights sleep, thanks to SnoreMeds. Photo includes picture of SnoreMeds Men's & Women's packs, with wording - "Loved by our customers"!
Photo indicating SnoreMeds as being a Top Rated Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece.
Message about Sleep Apnea, indicating the side-effects of sleep apnea, being disrupted sleep, collapsed airways, snoring and that the snorer actually stops breathing, momentarily.
Menopausal women suffering from lack of sleep and hot flushes. Snoring is another side-effect of menopause. SnoreMeds is able to assist with the snoring, not with hot flushes!
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Women's Double Pack - SnoreMeds Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

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 Snoring Relief from the first night

 Shayna - 🇳🇿 New Zealand  

"Works extremely well. Really uncomfortable first couple of nights, but it gets better."

As a one-piece, easy-to-use, custom-fit splint, research shows SnoreMeds to be highly effective for snoring sufferers. Customer reviews testify to this. It works by moving the lower jaw forward, thereby opening the throat and keeping the airway unobstructed. This works to eliminate the vibrations we know as "snoring".

  • It moves your jaw and tongue forward to improve breathing.
  • Custom moulded teeth impressions, for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Supports a restful nights sleep, by treating the root cause of snoring.

F.H. - 🇦🇺 Australia  

"Absolutely wonderful - Thank you SnoreMeds! After a disastrous start trying to mould my first one, completely destroying it, SnoreMeds very generously went above and beyond by replacing the original, ensuring I had an extra copy of the moulding instructions and sending a link to a video demonstration of this, which proved extremely useful. Fortunately, the second mould was an absolute success and the product works beautifully. SnoreMeds stood behind their product, going above and beyond. Great product, great company, AWESOME service - Thank you so much."

SnoreMeds Woman's Double Pack

A Double Pack includes:

2 x Mouthpieces | 2 x Fitment Spatulas | 1 x Anti-bacterial Storage Container | Molding Instruction leaflet.

Recommended by dentists, doctors and sleep clinics.

SnoreMeds snoring products are SAFE to use and are:

  • BPA (bisphenol A) FREE
  • Made from FDA cleared medical grade Thermoplastic
  • Latex Free

A SnoreMeds mouthpiece will last for up to a year, if cleaned regularly and stored in the anti-bacterial container provided. However, it is recommended that a mouthpiece is changed every four months, to prevent the build up of bacteria, a common cause of dental caries. 

Not recommended for people who wear dentures or those under the age of 16.

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Michelle C.
New Zealand New Zealand


Didn’t work! Just went to get refund to see only valid for single packs…absolutely misleading…don’t bother trying

Maggie J.
New Zealand New Zealand

Snoremeds review

Now with 2 instruction sheets there is a bit of ambiguity. Mouthpiece fits well although a couple of teeth are sometimes sore in the morning- this feeling does go. It has stopped my snoring. I would purchase again, this is my second purhcase.I have already and will continue to recommend this to my friends

Keri R.
New Zealand New Zealand

Still trying

The item itself has been a bit of a challenge due to the moulding part of it. My teeth are a bit 'buck tooth' so trying to create a mould where my jaw sits forward is proving to be difficult. I feel that the information videos need to be more detailed in the instructions and maybe more slow motion. I scoured through youtube trying to find other videos of people doing the mould. While it has not stopped my snoring I feel like it definitely has reduced it by a couple hours a night and less louder. (I use a sleep recording app on my phone) I'm still not confident in whether I've done the moulding correctly (have tried 3 times so far) to be honest but will continue to wear and see how we go from there. I have to say though that the customer service has been great and very prompt dealing with Greg, so that so far has been the highlight of the purchase as opposed to the product unfortunately. However, I still may purchase another one once I think I get the hang of the moulding.