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FindHealthClinics Listing for SnoreMeds Australasia

SnoreMeds Australasia has some very EXCITING news to share…

We are thrilled to announce that, with immediate effect, SnoreMeds Australasia is now listed on FindHealthClinics, a leading and trusted online directory for medical, health and wellness services.

Who Are FindHealthClinics?

FindHealthClinics serves as a powerful platform to connect individuals seeking medical, health and wellness services with reputable professionals and institutions, such as SnoreMeds. This website serves to empower potential clients with solutions. 

Discover why SnoreMeds is a trusted choice for snoring sufferers around the world. With thousands of customers in all major countries, SnoreMeds has been recommended by Dentists, ENT Specialists and Doctors to treat snoring.

SnoreMeds Australasia

As an anti-snoring mouthpiece, SnoreMeds works as a splint by positioning and holding the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. By doing so, the respiratory tract is widened, enabling the unobstructed free flow of air through the breathing passage, enabling a patient to breathe more freely. This prevents the vibration of soft tissue in the back of the throat, known to us as “snoring”.

From sleep clinic trials, tests indicate that an anti-snoring mouthpiece assists up to 85% of snoring sufferers. We appreciate that it will not work for absolutely everyone.

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