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 Vanessa  29/06/2021

 "Absolutely brilliant!!!  Thanks for helping hubby and I sleep better. Amazing and such a good price!"

At SnoreMeds, we acknowledge that one size does not fit all mouths. Our Small Fit for Women is a unique, smaller mouthpiece, designed by Oral Health specialists, specifically for women. The small fit is also ideal for men with more narrow palettes. SnoreMeds now have a mouthpiece solution to cover everyone's needs.

Simple, yet effective, SnoreMeds is recognised as one of the most comfortable custom-fit, one-piece Mandibular Advancement Devices available. Through years of research, SnoreMeds brings to you a mouthpiece that is not too bulky, compared with many others, especially those which have manual adjustment settings. Given SnoreMeds mouthpieces are one-piece, moulded products, there is no need for 2 Year Warranties, like 'adjustable' mouthpieces. SnoreMeds offer a money-back guarantee on single packs, in the unlikely event that a mouthpiece simply does not work for you. Return it after 45 days and we will refund you, if you find a SnoreMeds mouthpiece has not stopped you snoring.

Used in Sleep Clinics all over the world, test results have shown that SnoreMeds will stop you snoring from the very first night. SnoreMeds has also been acclaimed to be "excellent value for money". At our current Special Price of $55 on Original and Small Fit Single Packs, with FREE Shipping within New Zealand and subsidised shipping rates to Australia, SnoreMeds offers even better value.

SnoreMeds is about SLEEP - about HEALTH - about Relationships!


Andy O. - 04/30/2021

Purchased this approx 3 weeks ago and since then have enjoyed restful, peaceful sleep. Gone are the constant kicks in the legs or the endless "lay on your side!!"
Brilliant device.