Saving relationships across Australasia


Do you suffer from snoring? Does someone you love suffer from snoring? Let’s be honest, when someone snores, everyone around him or her suffers! New Zealand and Australia have a huge number of people who snore, yet this issue affects more than just them. Those who sleep in the same room as those who snore are often just as negatively affected, if not more, than the person who snores.

While someone snores, their partner may also have restless nights – people sleep best when in a quiet environment, and snoring disrupts that, particularly if it is uneven or very loud. Partners of snorers find that they often wake in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep, or they never enter the deep sleep necessary for truly resting our bodies.

Lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion throughout the day, as well as poor concentration and headaches – all impacting badly on your work and making you less productive. This could also lead to costly visits to the doctor to try and solve an issue that could easily be remedied with a simple snoring remedy like SnoreMeds.

Tiredness can also have consequences on your relationship. With both of you experiencing restless nights and waking up tired, you are likely to be quicker to argue, and may be too tired for activities such as dates, socialising and sex. Often partners of snorers will sleep in a separate room to avoid the noise, however, this can reduce intimacy and have a huge impact on your relationship.

Using a comfortable anti-snoring mouthpiece like SnoreMeds prevents the causes of snoring, as air is able to flow through the airway without obstruction, and the sound of snoring isn’t created. This means that the snorer wakes up feeling refreshed and their partner can finally sleep without being woken by loud snoring!

The SnoreMeds anti-snoring device offers a solution to stop snoring in a safe, effective way. Now everyone can look forward to a good night’s sleep.