Save your marriage - if not your life...

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Snoring (without apnea) probably doesn't kill many people, but it definitely 'kills' - or, it helps to kill - relationships!

If you are trying to get somebody to hate the thought of sleeping in the same room as you, or if you are trying to get somebody to associate the very sight and sound of your relentless droning, snorting, buzzing, whining and/or  blubbering, interrupting or preventing their desperate need for sleep, then snoring is definitely a good the way to do it.

If you want to go to bed every night wondering if the other person is going to finally snap tonight and kill you in your bed, being a frequent snorer is the way to do it.

Snorers have a very nasty habit of snoring, of course, but they have what comes to be perceived as an even nastier habit - they fall asleep first. NO human can help resenting that. Night after night after night !

So - you have come to this page because somebody - you or the person you live with - has had enough...

We have some pages describing the reason that people snore, or the reasons that people might have apnea. There are also several pages affording tips to stop snoring. Take a peek...

Tips to stop snoring

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