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Anti Snoring Single pack - Women

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    SnoreMeds Small Fit for Women is an easy to custom fit anti snoring mouthpiece that you wear while you sleep. Highly effective with 85% of snoring sufferers, it works by gently moving the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the throat and keeping the airway unobstructed. This eliminates the vibrations we know as snoring.

    Box Includes:
    1 Mouthpiece
    1 Spatula
    1 Anti-Bacterial Container

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    How to Custom Fit
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    Product Description
    Small Fit size: Recommended for Women or individuals with narrow palets
    Ease of Use: Simple, once off, customized fit
    Safe: FDA cleared Thermoplastic, BPA and Latex free
    Manufactured life span per mouthpiece is approximately 1 year. However, we highly recommend that you change the mouthpiece every 3-4 months, for the hygiene and safety of your teeth and gums.
    Not suitable for people who wear dentures, have sore gums or children under the age of 18.

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    1. Love this product!

      I notice a huge difference to my sleep when I wear this verse without, I feel way more rested. This has been the most effective solution to my snoring, and would not go a night without it anymore. on 9th Feb 2021

    2. Works perfectly! But not super comfortable.

      Works an absolute treat, no snoring whatsoever when wearing and have been able to lay on my back to sleep for the first time in 5 years - so happy. It's super uncomfortable the first 3 - 4 nights (kept finding it in my bed) but now it stays in all night. I do still get blisters / tender spots in my mouth from where it presses all night, these usually fix themselves up by lunch time. Would recommend - the benefits outweigh the small inconveniences / annoyances :) on 6th Jan 2021

    3. Snore device

      works extremely well, really uncomfortable first couple of nights but get s better. on 4th Sep 2020

    4. Ka Pai

      The product has definitely meant my snoring has stopped when I use it. It is great to have the option of using it. It has been wonderful for meaning I no longer feel guilty for keeping my partner awake. I am still getting used to sleeping with it, but it is a welcome product. I will continue to use it and would recommend trying it . on 7th Oct 2019

    5. Uncomfortable

      Uncomfortable but continuing to persist to try and remedy snoring issue.
      Haven't managed to yet be able to keep it in for an entire night yet..
      on 7th Aug 2018

    6. Better than the more expensive competition

      I initially spent a hideous amount on a similar mouthguard, but couldn't shut my mouth and felt like a front rower it was so ridiculously big. The female mouthguard is much smaller and easier to wear - and still works. Wish I had tried this first - would have saved myself $300 on 3rd Jan 2018

    7. No more morning migraines!

      This is my second purchase. The women's anti snoring mouthguard has literally changed my life.
      I have epilepsy and for a few years now suffered from snoring and until I started using the mouthguard earlier this year I would wake each morning with the most horrendous migraines. Before arising I would take ibuprofen, naproxen and paracodeine tablets and wait for ten minutes before being able to move.
      At my last hospital check-up with my neurologist advised me to try this product from a company called 'SnoreMeds' because he'd received lots of great feedback from other patients with epilepsy.
      I went home and ordered online straight away. I followed the instructions exactly and yes, the first night was uncomfortable but I haven't snored since, I no longer take my morning painkillers and I practically leap out of bed when my alarm buzzes.
      I cannot recommend this product enough. Please take that step and try it. Thank you.
      on 25th Oct 2017

    8. Quieter nights

      The first night was super uncomfortable but you get used to it quickly. It's reduced my snoring 90% which means I'm no longer hated by my partner in the morning. on 5th Oct 2016

    9. Early days but it's helping

      Newly diagnosed with sleep apnea it was suggested that I purchase this mouthpiece to see if it was suitable for me. I found it straightforward and easy to mould and not too uncomfortable, I have been slowly getting used to wearing it and my sleep quality is improving as I have been monitoring my sleep with a sleep app on my phone. I seem to take it out in my sleep but I started off being able to wear it 1/4 of the night and have been gradually building up. I feel air more alert during the day too. on 25th Sep 2016

    10. No more husband complaints!

      My snoring never worried me.... I was asleep, my husband however thought a frieght train going through the house would be quieter!

      Happy to report he no longer has me to blame for his lack of sleep....

      on 2nd Sep 2016

  • Warranty Information

    Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee only applies to our Single packs

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  • Other Details

    Material: FDA approved Thermoplastic
    Safety: BPA and Latex Free
    Precautions: Not suitable for people wearing dentures
    Age: Adults 18 and over only
    Box Contents: 1 Mouthpiece, 1 Spatula, 1 Container